About Us

DECOROUS was created in 1991 to provide the local design community with sophisticated products to expect quality and aesthetic to enhance their image. Decorous is addressed to the market criteria with initial lines of carpet, wall-covering, lighting, corporate and residential furniture and quickly grew in both size and range of products available.

At Decorous we have always believed that prosperity and responsibility must coexist. To the present day where we’ve adopted sustainable business practices decades in advance of the market, Decorous has always conducted business with a higher purpose and a longer-term view.

Decorous is a different kind of company, fueled by innovation and committed to design. Day in and day out, we’re invigorated by the challenge of creating fresh approaches to what we do, to what we create and to how we deliver. By combining design with unique technologies and great insights, we do interiors that are more colorful and more customizable, tougher and longer lasting, softer and more sustainable. We love what we do and are inspired by the power and beauty that meaningful design can deliver.

Decorous brings together a thorough understanding of market needs, the liveliness to imagine, and the curiosity to discover new possibilities. Form these our unique insights are born.

At decorous, design goes beyond beauty to shift the very way people think and experience the world. Day in and day out, we work to furnish exceptional products and experiences that lend function, elegance, beauty and efficiency to our customers’ work and the environments around us.