Published: August 28, 2017


YUTAKA 1000 is an easy-to-use modular carpet with the classic linear pattern. YU-1100, inspired by Japanese traditional “Shima Moyo”, will create a basic modern space in quarter turn installation. YU-1200, where stripes are more blended in with the base, can be well coordinated and convey more chic feeling. YU-1300, characterized by its vivid pinstripes on the charcoal base, will produce an expressive floor image. As the standard product for office and corporate segment, YUTAKA 1000 is well received in many projects.






Stain Release(Antifouling Finished)

TOLI nylon carpet tile products have Stain Release property by fluoridation. Because of its antifouling effect, stains are not easily stuck to the surface and a good appearance can last. It also shows an excellent water & oil repellent performance. Even if water or oil is spilt, the surface of the tiles will repel them. Once you wipe them off, the stain cannot be left.



On the carpet tile without Stain Release (b), the fluid will promptly sink into the surface, but the carpet tile with Stain Release (a) shows excellent repelling performance.