Floors for a Unique Visual Hotel Experience

Published: January 5, 2017


Hotel premises demand tough yet flexible flooring solutions – with Bolon, you can achieve this thanks to smart design and functional thinking. Bolon can be supplied in roll or modular 50 cm x 50 cm tile format. This format allows for a loose-lay method when installing. As well as easier installation, modular tiles also offer many other practical and aesthetic benefits- these can be summarised as follows:

  • Easy to lift and remove / replace
  • Flexibility of pattern / design – allows for creative, inspiring and unique designs
  • Easier, faster access to sub-floor/cables and other technical requirements
  • More cost effective installation reduces waste and minimises environmental footprint

High-End Design – Every Bolon collection is a visual, sensual treat; with designs that add character and compliment the overall ambience and feeling of any hotel.

Living Design – The reflective qualities of Bolon flooring and its ability to play with light and create 3D effects, add a unique design dynamic.

Flexibility – Bolon flooring can be used on multiple surfaces. The only boundaries are your imagination.