Konstantin Grcic’s Sam Son chair for Magis

Published: February 1, 2017


A tube-shaped backrest wraps around this seat by German designer┬áKonstantin Grcic┬áthat has “a hint of a cartoon character”.

Reminiscent of an over-sized pool noodle, the main element of Grcic’s plastic Sam Son chair curves around the sitter to support their back and provide armrests on either side.

“Sam Son is an easy armchair with a hint of a cartoon character,” said the designer. “The exaggerated size of the armrest and backrest provides comfort and support, and creates a protective space for sitting.”

Four cylindrical legs support the horseshoe-shaped section, from which a thin seat is hung.

The design is produced using rotational moulding, during which plastic powder inside a sealed mould is spun around two perpendicular axes while heated, until the soften material sticks to the outer edge. This creates hollow, lightweight pieces with a uniform thickness.

Sam Son is made in two stages, combining a rigid plastic for the lower portions with a more elastic polymer used to create the upper sections.

The chair is available in four colours and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.