Maori in Milan

Published: October 14, 2016


This collaboration between Maori artist George Nuku, Kartellmuseo and Musec (Milan Museum of Cultures) has led to the creation of the “Ducal Salon,” a room furnished with Kartell items engraved by the artist during his residency at Mudec.

In his “Ducal Salon” the artist will conjure up an incredible room from an imaginary Milanese nobleman’s palace, furnished with 25 Kartell objects and accessories and accompanied by a number of plexiglass sculptures moulded by the artist himself.

The 25 Kartell pieces have been masterfully engraved by Nuku to blend the Rococo and Maori styles, forging a harmonious installation whose sophisticated transparent plastics highlight the grace of forms inspired by nature.

The project is part of the artist’s month-long residency in Milan, during which he will be involved in an intensive workshop programme promoted and coordinated by Mudec, as well as being available for meetings and press briefings.

On the evening of Thursday 13 October the engraved Katell furniture created for the “Ducal Salon,” along with its accompanying sculptures, will be auctioned off at the Mudec by Sotheby’s. The proceeds of the auction will be used by Mudec to fund projects aimed at promoting and expanding its collections.