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Published: March 19, 2017




EVA NATASA believes that good design takes time in order to create long-lasting products that respects the environment. We proceed with sustainability in our heart, and approach every step with respect to the earth and its inhabitants.
Every detail is thought through meticulously, each product is well-designed and created by highly skilled craftsmen using the finest quality materials to ensure the end product is the best we can deliver. Our philosophy stems from the combination of an in-depth understanding of design, composition, materials, artisanal skills and technology to create products which are refined, long lasting, comfortable, non disruptive and elegant with a dash of playfulness. The process begins at our studio in Bali, where ideas and inspiration from around the world are developed into designs. Each detail is designed with passion; the visible and the invisible. Once a piece of furniture is designed, the product is prototyped three to four times in order to test all its ergonomic and constructive aspects. Wood, after all, is a living material that reacts to design; therefore, achieving a balance between design, ergonomics, construction and materials is essential in ensuring we create the best possible product.

Our approach in design and production is human-centered. When designing, we always put the user as the center of our process, taking their experience as the ultimate consideration. We believe the purpose of objects, including furniture; is to never be disruptive, but to blend within the environment it is placed in instead, adding value and comfort to the lifestyle of those to choose to use it.

Ecology and sustainability are our main considerations in choosing materials. We use Teak wood as it is durable, has good dimensional stability and contains natural oils that make it resistant to timber termites and pests. These natural oils also make it possible for us to finish our products without varnish. Teak wood requires little maintenance, saving the environment from chemical cleaning products in products and usage, and is a responsible choice of material, given the worrying rate of deforestation in Indonesia, the source of all of our materials. Our conscious choice works hand-in-hand with our responsibility towards trees and the ecosystem. EVA NATASA only uses certified teak wood obtained from government owned forestry company Perum Perhutani Cepu. Each step in the production process of our products is followed precisely and thoroughly to achieve high quality results while respecting the origin of our main materials.
Every piece of furniture is cared for and assembled individually, composed to unify different tones and grains of chosen wood, to achieve a harmonious result. Our products carry the distinctive characteristics of the tree it is produced from, allowing it to present its own unique and individual character.

All EVA NATASA products are 100% proudly designed and made in Indonesia.


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