TOLI Brightens Up Interior Spaces With Eco-Friendly Floor Products

Published: April 11, 2016


Through out its nearly century­old history, TOLI has pioneered a series of break throughs in commercial and residential interior products. Known as the first linoleum ma
nufacturer in the East, TOLI’s trail blazing innovations include carpet tiles with vinyl backing for easy installation and wallpaper made from non­exhaustibleresources.

“We adopt new technologies in our products and create designs featuring the Japanese sense of beauty and spirit”, says president Motohiro Nagashima.

TOLI ranks among the top 15 flooring manufacturers worldwide. It specializes in vinyl tiles and sheets, carpet tiles, wallcovering and curtains. Nearly 60 percent of its business is in the commercial segment, particularly health care, education and office spaces. For its residential business unit, TOLI supplies contractors and renovation firms with bathroom interiors and other vinyl flooring products, in addition to well­received wall covering and curtains. Its carpet tiles for residential use are marketed mostly throughe­commerce and do­it­yourself ­channels.

Armed with ISO14001 certification, TOLI weave sits EcoSpirit ideologies into its manufacturing process. More than 70 percent of its products contribute to alow carbon society. All its carpet tiles, made of 100 percent nylon, bear the Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label Plus seal. Its post­consumer recycled carpet tiles are EcoMark­certified by the Japan Environment Association.

The company continuously invests in researchand development to broaden its range of environment­friendly offerings. Its NW(NoWax) vinyl flooring series does not require waxing maintenance for up to 50 years. It also developed carpets made from recycled materials such as nylon from air bags.

TOLI established a wholly owned sales subsidiary in Shanghai in 2014 and eyes expanding into Southeast Asia’s growth markets. It seeks partners that have strong local networks and inventory control systems, and can provide maintenance and installation services with speed and flexibility.

“Our local partners should share the same commitment of not just installing products, but also filling up any given space with happiness for the customers”, Nagashima says.


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